Teaching children indoctrination to first graders or any students to be mindless change agents in their community

21173867-finger-pointing-to-angry-and-tired-little-girl-studyingTURNING 6 YEAR OLDS INTO PROPAGANDA MACHINES: COMMON CORE – See more at: http://www.democratsagainstunagenda21.com/the-way-we-see-itour-blog/turning-6-year-olds-into-propaganda-machines-common-core#sthash.XjbJbENj.dpuf

If you were going to take over a country without using the military you’d probably do it through the media and the educational system. And that’s exactly what we’re experiencing. If it isn’t a take-over what is it? Total manipulation of children’s minds in classrooms; every magazine, movie, TV program, newspaper, and textbook is working on the rest of us with sustainable development dictates; land use plans, emergency management plans, law enforcement plans, food regulation, energy restrictions, legislative and legal decisions–all direct us and formulate public opinion to unquestioningly accept the agenda for the 21st century.

As I travel the nation speaking I am sometimes challenged by people who are paid to advocate for Smart Growth and Common Core, or the Wildlands Project or regionalization/globalization. These are the people who pretend that we’re crazy and they are the reasonable, sensible saviors of the planet. They’re often employees of non-profits, government agencies, and foundations. Even when they’re shown the facts they’ll still deny them.

A tactic I see often is that they’ll make personal attacks on me rather than address what I’m saying. These are people who are motivated by money, or by acceptance in their social group, or job security, or by a sincere belief that they must not look deeply into Sustainable Development because the end justifies the means. And the ‘end’ is the salvation of the planet, in their minds.

Many of these people are under 50. They have been indoctrinated.
Please take a look now at a Common Core textbook for 6 year old children. One thing you want to notice when you’re watching this short video is that the text directs children to play on people’s emotions when they are writing. The other thing to notice is that the examples used include fighting a land owner who wants to build houses on land that people have been using as a park (no explanation here, just emotion: anger), and the need to manipulate parents and others. Take a look.

This is Common Core. Common Core is Agenda 21. See video at: http://www.democratsagainstunagenda21.com/the-way-we-see-itour-blog/turning-6-year-olds-into-propaganda-machines-common-core#sthash.5QKnrwF5.dpuf

Highlander Research and Educational Center in Tennessee offers this fun summer activity for kids:
“A Highlander tradition since 1985, Children’s Justice Camp returns this year with another chance for children ages 7-12 to develop a passion for social justice….”

– See more at: http://www.democratsagainstunagenda21.com/the-way-we-see-itour-blog/turning-6-year-olds-into-propaganda-machines-common-core#sthash.5QKnrwF5.dpuf

A few vids against common core, all well worth watching: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rGph7QHzmo8 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TYj-HDDrL4w http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l0iYgcRRk5w – See more at: http://www.democratsagainstunagenda21.com/the-way-we-see-itour-blog/turning-6-year-olds-into-propaganda-machines-common-core#sthash.5QKnrwF5.dpuf

Teaching children indoctrination to first graders or any students in other grades to be mindless change agents in their community is exactly how it is done in Communist China. It is all emotionally charged group think for the benefit of STATE CONTROL. –

27421988-sad-children-hugging-his-motherSee more at: http://www.democratsagainstunagenda21.com/the-way-we-see-itour-blog/turning-6-year-olds-into-propaganda-machines-common-core#sthash.5QKnrwF5.dpuf

Has Domrose set himself the task of accomplishing what his father could not accomplish in the Second World War and Cold War—the military subordination of Russia?

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We have the right to ask, says Putin, against whom is the NATO expansion intended? And what happened to the assurances made after the dissolution of the Soviet Union

No sane person could seriously assert that NATO’s missile shield circling Russia is intended to protect the West from Iran. Yet, that is exactly what NATO – the imperial American occupation army in Europe – tells the world.

the chemical weapons attack by western-backed anti-Assad forces which committed the crime, using chemical weapons to serve as a causus belli against President Assad. (admitted even by the UN ) Only the swift action of President Putin avoided a bloodbath in Syria in which NATO would have become willingly involved.

1_official_photo_domroese Comments by the German four-star general, Domrose who is supreme commander of the Allied Joint Force Command, one of Europe’s three NATO units in the operations leadership, amounted to an open threat of war against Russia.

25 years after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, NATO mass’s tens of thousands of troops near Russia’s borders.

Washington and Berlin orchestrated a fascist-led coup in Kiev last February to install a pro-Western  regime. Now the NATO powers are pursuing the military encirclement of Russia, a policy that carries with it the very real danger of military conflict with a nuclear-armed power. Even sections of the German press that have been propagandizing against Russia for months describe the plan as a “provocative move against Moscow” ( Spiegel Online ).

We will establish a NATO rapid response force of between 5,000 and 7,000 men that can be deployed in two-to-five days to a region,” General Domröse said. “According to our plans, the rapid response force will participate in the major maneuver ‘Trident Juncture’ in September 2015 in Italy, Spain and Portugal. If everything goes according to plan, the rapid response force could be ready for deployment at the end of 2015.”

Only NATO states with the necessary high-tech military equipment and trained soldiers can participate in the NATO spearhead force, according to Domröse. Germany will assume a leading role.

Domröse’s family history makes his statements all the more sinister. His father, Lothar Domröse, fought in the Second World War as commander of a Wehrmacht company on the Eastern Front. As part of the rearming of the German military, he was accepted back into the army in 1956 and pursued a successful military career.In 1973, he became major general and commander of the Northern Army Group. In 1975, he took over the post of head officer of the commanding officers of the armed forces.

surrender If at first you don’t succeed try try again.

“We are planning,” he said, “that each of the six-to-ten nations will form the spearhead for a year and then be changed. According to the current plans, each cycle will have a lead nation, which will certainly include Germany at some point. But this highly mobile force must have access to a large-scale air force in order to reach operational zones quickly.”

obama muslim flagMaking available the required means of transportation was the greatest challenge for the NATO states, the general noted..

what has he done Guess who??

So now Has Domrose set himself the task of accomplishing what his father could not accomplish in the Second World War and Cold War—the military subordination of Russia?

Domröse and the NATO leadership are planning a new form of Blitzkrieg. The NATO conference in Wales earlier this year approved a plan to increase readiness to deploy military forces.

One immediate flaw in NATO’s latest assertion is that, given its total dependence on creating military conflict, reliance on their version of anything should be subject to intense scrutiny. With an estimated 50,000 plus troops in action (not counting CIA and US mercenaries), the question is whether sending 1,000 Russian troops into Ukraine is worth the risk to Putin who has consistently followed a diplomatic path while US diplomacy has been dominated by threats and bullying.

Putin Redefines Russia’s National Interests

After the  Gorbachev – Yeltsin years overseeing the dissolution of the USSR.  Putin addressed the Munich Conference on Security Policy in 2007.

During that speech, he redefined contemporary Russia’s national interests and its geopolitical concerns as he established himself as an independent, critical thinker with an international perspective – and, therefore, a threat to US dominion.   The speech is worth reading in its entirety and here are several excerpts:

Decrying a “greater and greater disdain for the basic principles of international law.   One state, first and foremost, the United States has overstepped its national borders in every way.”

In referring to “Russia’s peaceful transition to democracy.   Why should we start bombing and shooting now at every available opportunity?”

In referring to an earlier speaker,  “I understood that the use of force can only be legitimate when the decision is taken by NATO, the EU, or the UN. If he really does think so, then we have different points of view. The use of force can only be considered legitimate if the decision is sanctioned by the UN. And we do not need to substitute NATO or the EU for the UN.”

With regard to expanding NATO with missiles on Russia’s borders:  “It turns out that NATO has put its frontline forces on our borders  I think it is obvious that NATO expansion does not have any relation with the modernisation of the Alliance itself or with ensuring security in Europe.  It represents a serious provocation that reduces the level of mutual trust. And we have the right to ask: against whom is this expansion intended? And what happened to the assurances our western partners made after the dissolution of the Warsaw Pact?”

And lastly, Putin quoted the “speech of NATO General Secretary Manfred Woerner in Brussels on 17 May 1990. He said at the time that: “the fact that we are ready not to place a NATO army outside of German territory gives the Soviet Union a firm security guarantee“.

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President Obama actually threatened to shoot down Israeli war planes if they attacked Iran to stop its nuclear program

America Under the heel of Liberalism

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In a report that’s likely sending shockwaves through the region, Middle Eastern news agencies are picking up a Kuwaiti newspaper’s report that President Obama actually threatened to shoot down Israeli war planes if they attacked Iran to stop its nuclear program.

Al-Jarida, an independent newspaper owned by a former president of the Kuwaiti parliament, reported that the Israeli government had made plans to attack Iran because it suspected the Obama administration had reached an agreement with the ayatollahs, according to the Israeli news site Arutz Shiva. Citing “well-placed sources,” Al-Jarida reported that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his top advisors had decided take military action, if necessary, to stop Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon. The Israelis had not only developed a plan, but even engaged in experimental flights to make sure they could elude Iranian radar defenses, the report said.

However, the report said, an Israeli minister…

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